Class Picnic

Happy Spring and hopefully soon, Happy Reopening!

Although it has been a long and tough time for all of us, we look forward to getting together again as a class as soon as possible.  As most of you know, every August, classmate Richard Silfies hosts a fantastic class picnic.  With all of the uncertainty of the times, we are asking for your input regarding the event this year.  While Richard would like to continue with the class picnic, our biggest concern is the safety and health of ALL classmates.  We are asking for your input by completing a quick survey so that we can plan for another get together.

Thanks in advance and please STAY SAFE!

Lois Pany Favier

NHS Class of '73 VP

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1)   Should we plan a class picnic?

Yes No
2)   When would you prefer the picnic be held?

3)   If we had a class picnic, and social distancing rules and mask requirements were still in effect for our area, would you be willing to abide by these rules?

Yes No
4)   Please let us know your thoughts on having a class picnic this year. Should we try it, wait until next year, have a different event, etc...? Please keep in mind that we all want to be safe, insure our classmates are safe, and have a good time! Thank you and please stay safe!