35th Reunion Photos





Here is a toast to the class of 1973. Sorry I can't be there with you all this year. Have fun stay safe and Happy Holidays to all of you. Kelly

Jeff, Rick, Chris

Thanks to April and husband Bob who so generously donated the table arrangements! 

Raffle Items - Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the Class of '73 we were able to raffle off 56 raffle baskets and 17 donated give away gifts.  A total of $2,214 was raised. Thanks to all who donated raffle items and purchased raffle tickets!

Brenda anticipates winning one of the great raffle baskets.

Nancy and Terry announce raffle winners.


Carol decides on the lucky raffle item.


Terry and Nancy announcing more raffle winners.

Steph picks a winner.





Thanks to Sharon for the lovely cake that tasted as great as it looks! 


Reunion Committee - Back Row: Sharon Lapointe Diehl, Bob Deiter, Melissa Hoffman Haydt, Marie Sparrow Matthews, Sharon Woodring Kohler, Steph Kimak Borger, Brenda Frankenfield Feiller, Linda Frankenfield Schlosser, Brenda Stopay, Chris Makovsky, Rick Schmidt, Jeff Rice.  Front Row: Terry Roberts Oswald, Denise Spadt Moll, Nancy Heffintrayer Rice, June Longenbach Womer


Decorating Committee - Jeff Rice, Nancy Heffintrayer Rice, Brenda Frankenfield Feiller, Rick Schmidt, Chris Makovsky, Steph Kimak Borger, Brenda Stopay, Bob Dieter.

Chris and Brenda check in guests as they arrive.

June and John

Marie and husband John

Bruce and wife Georgette

Cindy and husband Jeff

Eva and Dave

Dorothy and husband Joseph

Wendy and Chuck

Maria and husband Edwin

Chris, Karen, and Beverly

Steph, Karen, Beverly, Rick, Roland, Denise

Gary, Steph, Brenda

Tom, Debbie, Brenda, Susan, Carol


Bob and wife Anne


Ron and wife Gloria





Linda and Marie


Sharon, Linda, Melissa and Marie

Chris and wife Karen




Jane and Lester


Mark, Dave, Patty, Tim, Gary, Perry, Traci, Dwane

Candi, Linda, and Rene

Bob and wife Anne


Rosemarie and Penny


Donna and Tom

Rick, Beverly, Karen and Chris

Bob and wife Anne

Candi and Lois


Margery and husband Jim

Linda and husband Don


Mark, John, and Dave

Dennis and Judy

Debbie and John

Linda and husband Jeff

Donna and June

Ann Louise and husband Kenneth


Garry and wife Kathleen


Richard and wife Sheila


Sandy and husband Leonard


Kathy and husband Michael

Steph, Chris, and Karen

Rosie, Patty, and John

Jeff, Toni and husband Jim

Patricia, Ron, and Jim

Susan, Carol, Brenda, Linda

Penny and Debbie

Brenda and Nancy 

Lois and husband Bill


Donna and Nancy


Gary and wife Traci

Nancy and husband Jeff

Rick and wife Beverly


Linda, Brenda, Richard

Nancy and Dwane


Denise and June

June and Terry

Karen and Steph

Kenny and Greg

The Evenings Entertainment - Mr. Pany and Mr. Sabo roast classmates


Roasting Jeff


Jeff and Mr. Pany

Roasting Dwane

Roasting Perry

Roasting Rick


Rosie, Mr. Pany and Penny

Mike, Jerry, Dave and wife Joni


Jeff and Rick


Dorothy and husband Joseph

Terry and wife Michelle

Bill and wife Mary

Ron and wife Patricia


Donald, Jerry, Garry

Nancy, Donna, Terry, Bob, June, Debbie




Jeff and Nancy


Donna and Nancy


Terry and Nancy

Geoffrey and wife Deborah

Larry and wife Sharon

Roxanne and Toni

Ann Louise and husband Kenneth

Debbie and Wanda


Debbie and Bill

Nancy and Christine

Debbie, Sharon, June, Rob, Denise

Terry and June

Jeff, Rick, and Nancy

Remembering Our Past Classmates